Testnet Campaign

Cellana will start the Tesnet campaign for new users to experience our product and understand more about the Ve(3,3) model on our website and Zealy platform.

The winner list will be announced after the testnet campaign, users can get a whitelist to claim the Airdrop.

How to participate?

Step 1: Setup your Aptos wallet

  • Get an Aptos-Compatible Web3 Wallet – Create a new Aptos-compatible Web3 wallet and download the provider’s browser extension (we will use Petra Wallet or Pontem Wallet throughout this tutorial).

  • Connect to the Aptos testnet by clicking on “Settings,” “Network,” and finally selecting “Testnet”

  • Get Tokens Using Aptos Testnet Faucet – On your wallet, you can see the “Faucet” button, then click on it to get faucet APT.

Step 2: Experience the Cellana features

  1. Connect your wallet on the Cellana website: https://testnet.cellana.finance/

  2. Click on the button “Testnet”

  3. Do all the tasks in the task list to get points and rank

Task list:

  • Task 1: Swap APT for CELL

  • Task 2: Provide liquidity for any LP

  • Task 3: Lock CELL for veCELL

  • Task 4: Vote for an LP

Step 3: Get more points with daily tasks

Come back everyday to do tasks and get more points

Daily Tasks:

  • Swap APT for CELL +10 points

  • Provide liquidity for any LP +10 points

  • Lock CELL for veCELL +10 points

  • Vote for LP pair +10 points


  • The rules for the Testnet selection are based on activity and engagement. Specifically, we are selecting the top addresses based on their points and ranking on the Testnet for whitelisting.

  • The Cellana Finance team holds the ultimate and absolute decision-making authority, clearly stating that the final decision rests entirely on our judgment and discretion.

  • We’ll reward the most active members of our community who have engaged with our Testnet and provided valuable feedback and support.

  • Please note that the reward-receiving wallet address can be registered only once and cannot be changed for the entire event.

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