CELL holders

Users can provide liquidity to Cellana liquidity pools in exchange for LP tokens and stake LP tokens in the gauges that make users eligible for CELL emissions.

How to add liquidity?

Step 1: Connect your Aptos wallet to Cellana:

Step 2: Choose Add Liquidity on the CELL/APT pair.

Step 3: Fill the amount of CELL and APT to add liquidity.

Step 4: Click on Approve to complete the transaction.

Step 5: Check Your Balance.

Step 6: Claim your emissions after the epoch ended.

veCELL holder

  • Voting Power: Holders have the ability to vote for liquidity pools weekly.

The CELL emissions for the following week will be redirected to liquidity pools based on voting results.

  • Incentives: Voters earn 100% incentive rewards for the pools they voted for each epoch. Revenues are determined by your weighted voting power for each liquidity pool.

How to vote?

Step 1: Connect your wallet to Cellana:

Step 2: Voting

Visit and then vote on your pair(s) of choice. Hit the "Cast Vote" button and confirm the transaction.

Step 3: Claim the rewards

Wait for the epoch to end. Voter incentives will be claimable immediately after it ends, and trading fees can be claimed as they accrue in real-time throughout the week. All rewards can be claimed at

NOTE: Every epoch will start at 0:00 UTC on Thursday.

Alternative via OTC

veCELL can also be acquired by NFT trading, and veCELL holders can sell their NFTs through the NFT marketplace on Aptos. However, we recommend any transfers only be made through trusted escrows.

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