Voting Process

Process Flow of Voting

  1. Lock CELL into a veCELL NFT for 2 weeks - 2 years

  2. Vote for specific liquidity pools (e.g. USDC-APT)

  3. Collect voter trading fees and additional incentives only from pools you voted on

Reward Flow of Voting

There are 2 types of rewards that voters benefit from:

  • Voter incentives

  • Trading fees

Voter incentives are always deposited prior to the start of the epoch. Voters who vote for a pair with voter incentives will be able to claim such incentives on a pro-rata basis instantly after the epoch has flipped (always Monday 00:00:00am UTC).

The trading fees have yet to be generated, and at that point, they become claimable as they stream in. We recommend claiming trading fees once you've accumulated enough so that the gas cost to claim becomes negligible.

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