Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is Cellana a truly decentralized exchange?

Unlike other DEXes where the protocols have total control over token emission, Cellana Finance allows veCELL voters to influence token emission through a voting process.

  1. What is CELL?

CELL is a utility token distributed weekly through token emissions to incentivize users to add liquidity and stake their LP tokens in protocol gauges.

Cellana will release CELL token emission at the end of every epoch (7 days). The initial emission will be 1,500,000 CELL at the first epoch and then diminish by 1% each week.

  1. What is VeCELL?

veCELL serves as Cellana's governance token, provided to users as an NFT. Users can lock their CELL tokens in exchange for veNFT, which grants them veCELL voting power through the "Lock" function.

Once users acquire veNFT with veCELL voting power, they can vote on liquidity pools. Through this action, veCELL holders not only earn trading fees but also any additional incentives associated with the pools they voted on.

  1. Can we trade veNFT?

Once users own a veNFT, they can split it to trade on NFT marketplace at a pre-determined price.

  1. How to merge/split veNFT?

User can manage their veNFTs to merge or split.

Note: When veNFTs are merged, the lock duration of the resulting veNFT will be determined by the pre-merged veNFT with the longest lock-up duration.

  1. When do I receive benefits after voting on liquidity pools?

veCELL voters can claim rewards at the beginning of the following epoch.

  1. Can I reset my voting allocation?

Unfortunately, veCELL voters cannot reset the voting allocation.

  1. What is the reason behind the variation in APR between the liquidity and voting tabs?

There are indeed various APRs. The APRs on the liquidity tab are calculated based on the amount of CELL emission that will be assigned to a particular liquidity pool in the current epoch. On the other hand, the APRs on the voting tabs are determined by the trading fees and additional incentives provided.

  1. How to calculate APR on Liquidity tab?

APR for a particular liquidity pool is calculated as following formula:

APR = [(Cell emission amount * CELL price) * 52 weeks / Pool TVL] * 100%

  1. How to calculate APR on Voting tab?

APR for a particular liquidity pool is calculated as following formula:

APR = (Total rewards * 52 weeks) / (Total votes * CELL price) * 100%

  1. When does the next epoch start?

The upcoming epoch is set to commence at 0:00 UTC on Thursday.

  1. What are voting rewards?

The voting reward for a pool is determined by taking into account the trading fees collected and any extra incentives that have been assigned to the pool.

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