In order to vote you first need a veCELL NFT, for which you will need to lock CELL.

Step 1: Acquire CELL

Visit to acquire CELL

Step 2: Lock CELL into veCELL

Visit and lock your CELL, locking it for 2 years gives you 100% voting & earning power, that power diminishes linearly over time.

Step 3: Vote

Visit then voting on your pair(s) of choice and hit the "Cast Vote" button to confirm the transaction.

Step 4: Earn

Wait for the epoch ends, voter incentives will be claimable immediately after the epoch ends and trading fees can be claimed as they accrue in real-time throughout the week. All rewards can be claimed on

Alternative via OTC

veCELL can also be acquired by NFT trading. There's less liquidity, but users can find an attractive deal. The Cellana platform does not currently offer an NFT marketplace and existing platforms.

veCELL holders can sell their NFTs through the NFT marketplace on Aptos. However, we recommend any transfers only be made through trusted escrows.

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